Book Haul #1


Why I choose “Wild”? I’m not sure, it seemed like a nice and interesting read. I want to work on myself and this is one of the books I thought would be nice to read. As it states on the cover, it is book about journey from lost to found. Currently, I’m feeling more like lost than found.



First two books in series “Anne of Green Gables”; “Anne of Green Gables” and “Anne of Avonlea”. Two people already recommended this series to me saying that it is a great read. And I feel like this is a classic read so why not try reading more classic. I wanted to give it a try. Maybe I should’ve bought only 1st book and see how will I like it but the 2nd one was the only one left and I want my covers to match.


“Spell bound” is 3rd book in “Hex Hall” series by Rachel Hawkins. I already read and own first two copies so let’s read the 3rd one right?! We will see what will happen in the story. I’m a fan of magic books and magic in general.


“Emma” by Alexander McCall Smith is modern retelling of a classic from Jane Austen. I had a gift card for a bookstore and found this book. Wanted to give it a try because it sounds interesting. We will see how will I like it.


“The life list” has the same story as “Emma”. This book is also something I like. Contemporary, has romance inside. I’m fan of not only books that involve magic but also romance books. Oh yes, give me love books and I will be happy. I can swallow them pretty quickly.


I primarily wanted to read this book because there is anxiety inside and I know that Zoella or Zoe Sugg had anxiety too and fights with it. I watched couple of her videos on this subject and she seems honest. And the cover is so pretty!


The last book in this book haul is “If you want to write”. Yes, I want to write but I’m not inspired enough. So I’m trying to find books that will inspire me to write. I hope this one will be the one. If not.. I guess, I need to continue to search for it.


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